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Can I Purchase Valley Girl Hair Collection products if I live outside of the USA?

When placing an order from outside of the USA, please contact us first to setup an order form for you.


What does “virgin” human hair mean? 

Virgin hair is 100% human hair. It is completely unprocessed and intact.
It has not been relaxed,dyed, colored, bleached or chemically altered in
any way. With all hair strands facing in the same direction (remy).


What length does this hair go up too?
The hair ranges from 10" to 40".

How many bundles do you need? 

See chart below.


 How many oz is in each bundle? 

There are 4 oz in each bundle.


What colors does this hair come in?

1....... Black

1b...... Off black

2....... Brown

3........ Brown with golden highlights

#613.. Blonde


Can I dye the hair? Yes.


Can I straighten the hair? Yes.


Does this hair tangle or shed? 

No this hair does not tangle or shed, this hair can be used up to one year, so treat it like it's your own hair!


Can I go swimming? 

We would suggest putting your hair in a protective style to keep the hair from tangling.  

Be sure to wash and condition the hair after swimming.


How can I get my hair to return to it's natural curl pattern? 

Wet your extensions and it will retract back to it's natural state. Excessive

heat will make the process harder to return to the curl pattern.


What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards that are listed through our online credit card merchant.  


How do I maintain my hair? 

Pre-Installation Instructions:  

1. Co-wash hair using moisturizing conditioner.    

2. Rinse using cold water.    

3. Let hair air dry.    

4. Install. 


Post-Installation Instructions: 

1. Regularly shampoo and condition hair with sulfate-free products.   

2. Keep styling products to a minimum to avoid weighing down your hair.     

3. When hair is wet, comb/brush through with a plastic paddle brush.

4. Minimum amount of heat will ensure the longevity/lifetime of your hair.

5. Always comb/brush hair from the ends to your scalp

6. Avoid alcohol based products.


What styles does Valley Girl Hair Collection have in stock? 

Our currrent stock at any given time is what is listed in our Catalogue page. You can

navigate to the Catologue page by Selecting the different categories under the SHOP

tab in the top Menu of each page on our site. Below you will find a picture list of all

the Hair styles we carry at any given time.